STB volleyball 5.00


This is a tactics board which can be used in tablet devices.
When we practice, sometimes we use a magnetic board in strategic meeting.
We thought it is cool to use tablet devices as the board.
Of course, you can use this in Smartphone.

Red or blue icons are considered as players.
black icon in the center is considered as a ball.
If you drag icons in Trace-ON mode, icons make trails.
If you drag where no players nor ball, you can draw yellow lines.
This is to describe strategies and movement.
If you double-tap on a icon or lines, you can delete the trails.
With multi-touch-enabled devices, you can move icons immediately,
and make trails as well.


Clear: Leave the players and ball still, delete the all other lines.

Reset: Place icons in positions which you choose from below.
    1. The first position (Home Position)
    2. The position saved with the Position_Save feature (Save Position)

Help: Show help

Position_Save: Save where the icons are when selected.

Trace-ON, OFF: You can choose whether you would use trails.

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